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Getting Referrals from Centers Of Influence

It almost goes without saying…Centers of Influence (COIs) who send you a steady flow of high quality referrals are invaluable. Whether they’re other professionals, networkers, or just folks who want to help you succeed, they can introduce you to the “right type” of clients. Yet most advisors report COI relationships that are inconsistent at best…. Read more »

The Butler Way

By now anyone interested in college basketball has heard the story of Brad Stevens, 37, the Butler University coach (Now the Boston Celtics coach), who became the third youngest head coach in the NCAA Division 1 history to have a 30-win season and the youngest coach to make the Final Four two years in a… Read more »

Asking for an Introduction

Do you hesitate to ask your clients for introductions?  Having an exit line will give you the confidence to ask for that introduction. You are having a great meeting with a client and they say to you, “Rob, I love what you are doing for me and my family. You do a great job.” This… Read more »

Informed Clients Make Better Decisions

How much misinformation are your clients exposed to on a daily basis?  If your clients listens to Jim Kramer or other talking heads on CNBC, read the USA Today or Wall Street Journal and subscribe to several internet news services they may be exposed to all kinds of inflammatory, exaggerated and even misleading articles about… Read more »

Five Steps to Improve Your Social Media Exposure

When one of your clients mentions your name or your commitment to extraordinary service at a dinner party, what happens next?  Often the person who hears about you is curious and decides to learn more about you.  So they send themselves a text message with your name to look it up later or they use their smartphone to… Read more »