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What is 90-6-4-2-2-1?

The numerical phrase “90-6-4-2-2” refers to the Supernova acquisition model for advisors. The ‘90’ stands for the maximum of 90 active prospects you can have. That number is derived from having the same number of prospects as you do clients. For example, if you are a private wealth advisor with only 50 clients then you… Read more »

Ten Best Tips of 2012

In reviewing the Supernova tips this year we thought these tips were worth reviewing: 10. Six Steps For Staying Energized Taking time out of your day to reenergize is critical to a high performance athelete. 9. Creating A Referrable Brand Your brand is defined by what your smallest client thinks about you. 8. Do You… Read more »

Supernova has Evolved to Meet the Needs of Top Advisors and their Clients

Supernova was born out of too much success. You might wonder how success spurred on the need for advisors to segment their clients and give them a higher level of service. There was so much success, in terms of clients coming in, that the advisors were accepting more clients then they could possibly service. Advisors… Read more »