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The Circle of Marketing

Seth Godin, marketing guru,  separates the different steps of marketing in his blog: “Most amateurs and citizens believe that marketing is the outer circle.  Marketing = advertising, it seems. The job of marketing in this circle is to take what the factory/system/boss gives you and hype it, promote it and yell about it. This is… Read more »

Do you properly value your service?

Having the confidence that you add real value to client relationships enables you to charge more for your services – a fair price that truly represents your efforts. The Supernova process gives you that confidence because you, as an advisor, know that you provide an unparalleled client experience, especially when you follow our 12/4/2 model… Read more »

Why is segmentation so important?

By nature, human beings are hoarders. We work hard collecting our possessions and it is difficult and even emotional for most of us to relinquish them when they are worn out or have outgrown their usefulness. We make up all kinds of excuses to keep our stuff, like for example, the old torn and stained… Read more »