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What to Say to Clients that Overspend

We have all had to face this difficult situation with a client. You discover that they are clearly spending well beyond their budget. They have no apparent means of replenishing their principle, but they continue to spend in spite of your advice. What do you do? When I would visit an office in my District,… Read more »

Suggested Screens to Segment Your Clients

Supernova Sample Screens for Segmenting Clients © 1. Account by production 2. Value of assets 3. Are they likeable? Do they treat my staff well? 4. Are they trustworthy? 5. Do they fall into one of my niches? 6. Do they accept my recommendations? 7. Is there profitability in this account? 8. Is there an… Read more »

The Worst Salesman in the World

By Rob Knapp, President, Supernova Consulting Group We all want change, except when it comes to us changing. This past Presidential election was all about wanting change. We are all very excited to “drain the swamp” because we love the idea of creating change for others. Let’s drain their swamp, not ours. We all know… Read more »