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The Difference Between Coaching and Criticism

There are those who are afraid of coaching.  They know they need guidance but criticism in the past was not always helpful. There is a major difference in coaching and criticism. Coaching is about encouraging better behavior, practices and skills.  Criticism is about finding fault and correcting specific actions, behavior or practices. Coaching at its… Read more »

What If Your Client Doesn’t Have A Plan?

Supernova is a planning based program to redefine the client experience.  12-4-2 is the model for exceptional client service.  Having a planning based investment process means that your practice will address client needs directly and as specifically as the plan finds them.  Plus, the plan means that you will have a guide for your client’s… Read more »

Segmentation Is A Continuing Process

Segmentation at Supernova is not as simple as it sounds. Some advisors and some firms teach that segmentation is nothing more than division. That is, dividing your book up into three or four different categories. They may be based on amount of revenue, or the amount of assets in the account. Division is not segmentation…. Read more »