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A Client Contact Resource File can make your “Touch Base” Calls More Effective

The 12-4-2 client contact system includes eight “Touch Base” phone calls during the year. One of the questions we are frequently asked by the advisors we coach is, “What do you talk about?” Here is one valuable answer. In every city there is at least one newspaper that will have a financial section, a section… Read more »

What percent of your clients have a financial plan?

As part of their branding, Supernova Advisors can tell their clients they have “a multigenerational, planning driven, investment process.”  And they deliver on this planning; it’s central to their client service model. 100 percent of a Supernova Advisor’s clients have a plan.  In many cases, these plans help drive a significant part of the advisor’s growth. Think… Read more »

Making Your Brand Stand Out

According to the BrandZ Top 100, the top brand in the world is Apple. That is no accident. Even the name and the symbol were designed to build a brand. It was not always successful but the brand stood for innovation, creativity and cool. Although Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola had products in the marketplace far… Read more »