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Leverage Your Practice Using Stairstep To The Stars

Stairstep To The Stars is a Supernova concept used in the segmentation process. In order to continue to grow while keeping your practice at a maximum number of clients each year you will need to ‘weed out’ those clients that no longer meet your minimum. You do that by giving them to another Supernova advisor… Read more »

Are All Your Moving Parts Working Together?

 “Managers get business done through people, Leaders get people done through business” Larry Wilson  Like a fine tuned sports car advisory teams have a lot of moving parts that have to work in synchronicity with each other in order for the whole to function. If one part fails the whole machine is affected.  What are… Read more »

What If Clients Push Back On Meeting Once A Month?

The 12/4/2 model of monthly client meetings with quarterly reviews and of those four reviews two in person, is part of the Supernova Standard. Advisors are sometimes concerned that their clients won’t want to meet once a month. A client might push back because he/she thinks this is going to be a sales call. Or… Read more »

Reflective Accountability With The Gameboard

Reflective accountability is a term you may not have heard before. We were looking for a way to describe the personal experience of having a gameboard within a Supernova practice. Accountability arrives preloaded with meaning: responsibility, maturity, integrity and so on. Reflection is how accountability grows, collectively and individually. No one can force a person… Read more »

What keeps your client up at night?

Supernova advisors look for topics they can use for their monthly calls. MFS Heritage Planning has developed key areas that ‘keeps you up at night’ that you can ask your clients about to start a conversation. This tool, that you can share with your clients, uncovers and prioritizes their most pressing financial concerns, gets the… Read more »