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Do you make it easy for your clients to give you referrals?

During a consultation with a corporate client, I had the opportunity to lead a study group of five highly successful sales managers. We shared a number of ideas for helping advisors grow their practices. Gathering meaningful referrals was a frequent topic of conversation. One of the best observations of our half-day session related to the… Read more »

Creating a Referable Brand

Your brand is determined not by the service your best client receives but by what the last person in your practice receives. Supernova 12-4-2 allows you to deliver your brand consistently through your practice. Through Supernova Segmentation, bring your practice down to its core and deliver one unparalleled level of service. Never forget that the… Read more »

Building Your Top Six Centers of Influence

Your Centers of Influence will help to deliver many of your best prospects and clients to you because they like you, trust you, respect your professionalism and want to help you. Your job is to reinforce that positive image of you each month by educating, helping and reminding them that you are accepting qualified referrals…. Read more »

Bring The Excitement Back

What is your Purpose in life? Big question! Can you answer consistently without blushing? Not only should you be be able to, you should have a purpose statement. Why, you ask? Because just like for the papers you wrote in college or business school, it defines who you are, or more accurately, expresses what you… Read more »

How Do You Free Up Time For Acquisition?

Recently a Midwest Supernova team was frustrated by their lack of growth. They hired a local coach to analyse their practice. After a thorough investigation, the coach determined that they were just not spending enough time in the acquisition stage. The team was not devoting enough time to marketing and sales. The consultant told the… Read more »