Always use an Evaluation Form at Seminars

No matter where or when you are speaking to a group, always distribute an evaluation form to be completed and returned by the end of your presentation.

You can have this form available and handed out as your guests enter the room or pass them out before you conclude; it depends on the size of your audience.

There are 3 reasons for always having an evaluation form.

  1. You really want an evaluation of your presentation…good, bad or indifferent…it’s the best way to get better.
  2. Those in attendance will want to express their opinion of your presentation…it may have been a free event, but the attendees invested their time.
  3. You want to be sure you get the name, address and phone number of everyone who attends…it’s the only way you can ensure appropriate follow-up.

How do you ensure everyone turns in the evaluation with his or her name and address and telephone number?

  1. Provide a place for the information at the bottom of the evaluation form.
  2. At the conclusion of your presentation have a drawing for a free book, portfolio review, or something of perceived value. I always found that a book worked well and I gave away at least 3 copies so there was more than one opportunity to win.

This will work for you on every occasion. Never speak without an evaluation form to be completed by every member of your audience.

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