A Supernova Advisor Stands Out From The Crowd

What is it that makes your practice distinctive, how are you and your team different from everyone else that your prospect has spoken to?

What is it that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Why should your prospects and referrals do business with you?

It is not enough to talk about pricing, trading, research, services, your firm's capabilities, your years in the business...because so many others can offer and say the same things.

Answering this question is easy for a Supernova advisor:

 "I have a small, concierge- sized practice with 100 or fewer clients. And because of that we offer exceptional client service, which we call, 12/4/2. That means we contact every client at least one time per month and 4 of those contacts are reviews, 2 of which are in-person. We also have a planning-based investment process that manages risk as well as fulfilling investment goals.   We work best with those clients who have $1,000,000 or more in investable assets.”

In just a few short sentences, a Supernova advisor makes clear the distinctives about their practice.

And, when speaking with a prospect or COI, a Supernova advisor can always add that this question to a conversation, "Tell me, what are the distinctives you receive from your current provider?  What's their service commitment to you?"

Very few advisors can comfortably recite their distinguishing characteristics..and, of course, their clients can't either.

Utilizing the Supernova brand helps differentiate you from the competition.  If you need some help, join our member-only website or sign-up for one of our coaching programs.

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