How do you close an in person client meeting?

Many advisors have developed a stronger connection to their clients with this simple step. After you make a great presentation but you sense the client may be holding something back.  Your client may not speak up about something that is bothering them or they are uncomfortable speaking about personal concerns in the office.  Try walking them out to their car ( if that client is a woman you should always walk them to their car). Once a client is out of the ‘environment’ of your office they will relax and tell you things you may never have heard otherwise.

Here is an example taken from one of the Supernova classes earlier this summer:

"I tried your idea of walking my client to the car and it worked!  She seemed distracted in the meeting and when I got on the elevator with her she first looked surprised I would take the time to walk her to her car.  Then she sighed and said,  'I have been having second thoughts about making my son my beneficiary. He has made some bad choices over the years and I am not sure I want to give him the responsibility of handling the family's money. ' I told her I knew a great estate planning attorney (he happened to be one of my Center's of Influence) that I could refer her to.  She was so grateful she called me a week later and referred me to one of her friends who was looking for a more personalized approach.  Having the opportunity to help clients is why I got in the business in the first place. This made me feel so good and also will result in more business."

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