Focus On Retired Clients

Have you ever been out to lunch during the work week and noticed the well-dressed 75+-year-old couple having lunch?  She has on jewelry and heels and he is dressed in a 3-piece suit. You wonder why they are out to lunch all dressed up when they are obviously retired and could be anywhere?

Seniors often-times choose daytime activities instead of evening due to a variety of issues including health, eyesight and sleeping patterns.  They may not be able to play golf, tennis or other sports like they used to so they enjoy themselves by going on outings.

If your niche is high net worth retired people you can cater to this crowd by providing daytime outings for them. What would be more fun for someone who is looking for something to do than going to a lunchtime cooking class with a local chief who just published their own cookbook, spending an afternoon at the new wine and canvas store, learning how to use Facebook from a tech geek, or listening to a poetry reading?

Here are the steps:

  1. Find an activity that is fun, engaging and during business hours.
  2. Work with a wholesaler in your area to fund your event.
  3. Invite your top 20 client couples who are retired and encourage them to bring a friend. If the husband still works consider inviting the spouses only for a girl’s afternoon out.  Events could also be for widows or widowers.
  4. When they arrive spend a few minutes thanking them for coming, recognize your sponsor’s contribution.
  5. During the event don’t go off and check your emails or make phone calls – stay engaged – visit with each person for a few minutes during the lunch or afterward.
  6. At the end of the event let everyone know you are working on another event in a couple of months, ask them for suggestions.
  7. When you meet with your clients at your next monthly Supernova meeting set up meetings with the friends they brought to the event.

Supernova advisors are always striving to enhance their clients' experience   Events like these add an extra personal touch to your monthly calls and meetings.

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