Brilliant Execution Is The Key

There is a saying among venture capitalist, “Ideas are cheap, it is the brilliant execution of the ideas that make people millions.” Steve Job’s brilliance was the execution of good ideas. Lots of people wanted a better phone, he brought it to market. Lots of people wanted a better service model, we created Supernova. It is, however, your brilliant execution of the Supernova Model that will make you millions.

How to brilliantly service your clients:

  • Limit your practice to a number that you can comfortably serve(less than 100)
  • Have your office administrator control your calendar
  • Make all calls and meetings scheduled appointments
  • Have client information at your fingertips whenever interacting with the client(folder system)
  • Use Agendas and Meeting summaries for all appointments
  • Use the 12/4/2 scheduler to brilliantly space out your twelve contacts
  • Use the VIPSA process to ask for referrals
  • Be engaged in the community - join a non profit community board and an arts board
  • Be accountable by using a gameboard 

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