What If Your Client Doesn’t Have A Plan?

Supernova is a planning based program to redefine the client experience.  12-4-2 is the model for exceptional client service.  Having a planning based investment process means that your practice will address client needs directly and as specifically as the plan finds them.  Plus, the plan means that you will have a guide for your client’s investments and your team’s relationship with your client.  But what if the client does not have a plan?

  • Use your introduction of Supernova as your opportunity to reintroduce the value of a plan to your client and your practice.
  • Find the type of plan you feel most comfortable with and make its introduction and completion a goal for your practice in the next quarter.
  • Make planning the next topic on your client monthly agenda.
  • Assume all new relationship begin with a plan.  Make a plan the standard operating procedure for your practice going forward.

Remember the old quote?  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  There is more truth to that saying than most people realize.  Planning can add real value to your Supernova practice in more ways than one.

The Supernova process helps you get organized and grow your practice.  If you would like to learn more, join our member-only website or sign-up for one of our coaching programs.

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