How Does Limiting The Number Of Clients You Have Help You With Referrals?

How do you first create value when you are asking for referrals?  One way is to make clients more familiar with your message. Explaining to a client that you give first class service to only 100 clients with 12 yearly appointments (once a month) 4 of those being quarterly reviews and 2 of those quarterly reviews being in person meetings as well as offering multi-generational planning and rapid response to their problems clarifies your level of service for them.  Most client’s response is, “Do I make the cut?” They are clearly relieved to find out they do. Often times they will offer you more money to insure their place. That value will help you ask for referrals on two levels. Your confidence is higher because you know you are giving them a valuable product and their loyalty to you gives them the incentive to tell your message to their contacts.


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