The 90-6-4-2-2-1 Process

Supernova’s acquisition strategy encompasses seven elements that will make your business grow and flourish in any market. In the following stages you will study and implement these techniques into your practice.

The first element is the 90-day free look. Supernova originally suggested you have a 90-prospect pipeline which is a good idea, but for some FA’s, not what they needed. One FA who misheard Rob’s coaching turned 90-propects into a 90-day free trial you gave to a prospect so they could take you for a ‘test ride’ if they were still uncertain about making a commitment. It was so successful we incorporated it into our program.

The second element is networking with six Center’s of Influence. These are people in your community, a niche or even a very good client that are willing to refer business to you on a regular basis without being asked. Each advisor on your team should have six COI’s that they meet with regularly. We will get into the details as to how to identify, approach, and meet with them in a separate stage.

The third element is a four-person Mastermind Group. Your Mastermind Group isn’t to be confused with the much larger advisory board. This group is made up of like-minded people that you become very close and support the growth of your practice

The fourth element is membership on two community or nonprofit boards. You will pick these based on your interests and your client’s interests.

The fifth element is the development of two niches. These can be natural or target niches. You define your idea client and create a niche from there.

The sixth element is growing your social network. Linked In, a business website, Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram are all opportunities for building your market and becoming known and trusted in your community.

The seventh element is using the Introduction technique to ask clients about recommending you to their friends and business associates

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