What do Financial Advisor Teams Have in Common with Trauma Surgery Teams?


Imagine it's 2:30 in the morning. You are a trauma surgeon trying to save the life of an accident victim with multiple gunshot wounds. Your team is ready to go. The airways are checked. Breathing is checked. The circulatory system is stabilized. The life of that patient relies on you and your team working in synchronicity with each team member performing his or her job at the exact right time to keep the patient alive.

Execution is everything.

That's what Trauma Surgeon Dr. Andre Campbell discusses in a new book by Curtis Brown and Rob Knapp titled: Supernova Advisor Teams, a Pathway to Excellence. Being released this April through Amazon. Supernova Advisor Teams is a handbook for building healthy teams in the financial services industry. Team members who work in harmony make the sum of the whole much greater than the individuals working parallel but separate paths. This has been documented many different ways but none so dramatic as a trauma surgery team. A group of Wharton professors following surgery teams found that amid what seems like chaos is a well-choreographed process that advisors can learn from and emulate.

Whether you are looking to take your existing team to a new level of performance or are considering starting or joining a team, this is a must read to continue your future success. When each team member clearly understands their roles, a fluidity in solving the complex problems for the client takes place. This book breaks new ground on the complexities of team building and leadership roles. Pre-order today on Amazon.com

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