Segmentation: Why Segmentation

The Supernova model is based on developing a concierge level of service for every client.

Why Is Segmentation So Important?

Human beings are natural hoarders, and it can be challenging and emotional for most of us to let go of our possessions, even when they are worn out or no longer useful. We often make excuses to keep things, like an old torn and stained chair from college that

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What Exactly Are Butlers And Why Are They Important

When an advisor decides to segment their book they are faced with difficult choices. They want to have more time to take care of their best clients but find it hard to give away the smaller clients due to a variety of reasons. Many advisors have gone into thei

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Should You Be Running A Concierge Style Practice?

In Supernova we have coined certain phrases to describe our process that we will teach you in our coaching program. One of these is the term “concierge-sized practice.” But what exactly does that mean? That term was first applied to physician's services

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But I Can't Give That Client Away

"The Supernova Advisor" by Rob Knapp emphasizes the importance of segmentation in financial advisory practices. Without segmentation, you can't have a concierge practice.  Segmentation of an unmanageable client load is not just a best practice to be observed

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Focused Service Results In Greater Growth

It sounds counterintuitive to say, "I'm going to grow my business by reducing the number of clients I serve". And yet, that is exactly what happens with Supernova. What happens?  Clients benefit from being able to plan ahead whic

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Do You Have A GPS For Your Practice?

Roadmaps and directions from a supposedly knowledgeable individual are not quite as helpful as having ready access to a GPS system. But do you have a GPS system for your practice? Without a GPS system you can find yourself in places you do not want to be

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Congratulations - You completed PART 1 of Segmentation

Here are your goals for Part 1. Screen your client list and determine what percent of your revenues comes from a.) top 20%; b.) top 40%; c.) top 80%. Chose a hard minimum number of assets per client (this would be the average of all the cli

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