Organization & Service: Why Structure?

The number one issue advisors want help with is organization. "Before Supernova I was working all kinds of crazy hours. My partner and I regularly ordered dinner in at the office and I didn't make it home until after 8 PM or later. With Supernova I leave the office every day at 5 and more importantly, a clear mind. I know I have met my goals for the day."

Five Easy Ways To Cut Stress In The Workplace

Do you find yourself dreading to go into the office due to the stess level there? These five tips will help you make your attitude about your workplace less stessed. 

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Changing The Flow Of Your Office

Largely in the past the financial services industry followed a sales oriented, transaction based, unstructured approach. Clients would stop by and chat or call in whenever they had a question and their advisor would call them every time he had a new stock or m

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Stop Phone Tag

Do you have to call a client or prospect two to three or even more times before you connect with them?  Phone tag is one of those insidious time wasters most people accept as part of doing business.  But you don't have to! When you apply a systematic appr

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Your Office Administrator Is Not A Mind Reader

Earlier this year I was coaching an FA.  The FA had gone through Phase 1 Supernova training but was still not where he wanted to be from an organization standpoint.  He liked his CSA a lot but didn’t feel that everything he needed to be done was getting do

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Don't Think Outside The Box; Find A Better Box

"Leaders of organizations often use the expression, ‘Think outside the box’ when urging their employees to innovate. The belief that eliminating constraints and allowing people to think freely will increase creativity. Instead of telling employees to th

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