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If you are visiting this website, you are probably an elite financial advisor interested in taking your practice to the next level of success. You may be struggling to find perfect balance between providing the right clients with the highest level of service and the need to grow. Plus, you want to work smarter and gain control over your time. When you become a member of our exclusive club for top advisors, we will show you how.

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The Financial Advice Business Is Challenging!


For financial professionals, the complexity and volatility of the financial markets are magnified by a desire to provide clients with the highest levels of service and advice. Add to that mounting regulatory changes, the goal of increasing assets under management and the desire to increase production - it’s no wonder many advisors are clamoring for a better way to regain control of their time and get better organized.

Consider some possibilities...

  • Too many clients may mean the service you are providing to your smaller clients is watering down the service you deliver to your top clients.
  • You recognize that you get 80% of your business from about 20% of your clients, but you don’t have the right formula for right-sizing your practice.
  • You regularly leave the office with that uneasy feeling that you forgot to do something important or return a time-sensitive phone call.
  • You receive a referral from one of your best clients, but can’t find time to follow-up.
  • You’re great at closing new business, but spend less than 20% of your time on client acquisition.
  • Your office is overloaded with files and paperwork that distract you and keep you from focusing on what matters most.
  • You’ve built a great team, but you feel like you’re not able to operate on all cylinders.


Do you experience any of these frustrations?

If so, that’s where Supernova can help. We’re experts at helping top advisors gain greater control over their practices by helping them implement proven systems for client, prospect and time management. By joining our website, you will receive a continuous flow of actionable ideas that will help you:

  • Right-size your client base – You cannot be all things to all clients. A big part of your continued success will come from carefully defining and selecting ideal client relationships.
  • Implement a world-class service standard – Your service model is the linchpin for both acquiring and keeping top relationships. We will teach you how to build a service model that will set you above the herd.
  • Build time into each day for meaningful client acquisition – When prospecting becomes a daily ritual, your ability to attract new clients and new assets increases exponentially.
  • Gain greater control over your practice – When you have the right tools to coach and lead your team, you’re more productive. Stress and frustration become a thing of the past.


Are you skeptical?

There are many so-called experts out there saying some of the same things: segment your clients, improve your service, and spend more time on acquisition. You may have invested in their programs with little result.

The problem…they offer ideas, but they don’t show you how to effectively plug them into your practice. Ideas without an action plan can spell disaster.

Supernova is unique.

We pride ourselves in making our ideas actionable. You get a roadmap with very specific strategies for putting them to work. Plus, we don’t want you to reinvent the wheel. Although you’ll need dedication and hard work, our methodology is easy to understand and apply.

"Thanks to Supernova, we added over $10,000,000 in net new assets in the past 30 days!"

Supernova client during Week 10 coaching session

If you’re up to the challenge, you’ll be amazed by the results:

  • assets and production increase dramatically;
  • client relationships become deeper and stronger; and
  • your work better aligns with personal values.


A track record of success for advisors and their clients…

The “father” of Supernova is Rob Knapp, who successfully ran Merrill Lynch’s Mid-West district for __ years. In 1995, Knapp had had a great year in revenue terms, but was concerned about future revenues because his district ranked last in client satisfaction among the 32 districts in the country. Eighteen months later, Knapp’s office ranked fourth. Clients, the firm and the financial advisors were all seeing the benefits of this initiative.

Supernova had lift-off!

Seventeen years later, Supernova has not lost steam. From its early days working its way through the Merrill system to initiatives at other firms within the financial services industry to private coaching engagements with financial advisors, the Supernova process has impacted hundreds of advisors and subsequently thousands of clients. All the while firm revenues and advisor income have grown and client satisfaction has never been better.

"Yesterday during our team meeting we were talking about Supernova. All 3 of us said we are a lot happier working together and we are working with clients who want to work with us. It’s mutually satisfying."

Supernova client, Week 5 coaching session


Are you ready to take that leap of faith?



When you become a member of our exclusive club for top advisors, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A blueprint for implementing Supernova – you will get step-by-step guidance for putting our proven process to work in your practice.
  • Live coaching each month – you will be invited to a monthly teleconference hosted by our coaches.
  • Weekly tips and techniques – each week we add to our membership library; giving you access to articles, videos and audios.
  • Best practice ideas from top advisors – you can read excerpts of the notes we transcribe following the calls we do with our coaching clients.
  • A forum for sharing ideas – you can participate in our forum to share ideas and ask questions of or coaches and other top advisors.
  • Downloadable templates and tools – you will have access to downloadable letters, checklists, spreadsheets, and other valuable resources.

"We have always wanted a reset button and this is it. We are really excited about Supernova. How do you get your clients who have been doing business with you forever to look at you differently? It is no different if you were doing transactions and you wanted to modify your business to do more managed money. How do you get them to look at you differently? This is it." -

Ken Gunsberger, CFP, New York City

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