Proactive Introductions

In his first meeting with a client while going through the Supernova coaching program, one of our FAs explained the refinements he was making to his practice.  Among other things, he told the client how important Centers of Influence would be for introductions. To his great surprise, this client (his largest client and a doctor) replied:

"That's how I built my practice. I always ask for introductions. I speak to every doctor and explain my practice and that I would be pleased to see any of his or her patients I may be able to help.  When I treat one of their patients, I ask the physician if he or she is pleased with my services and then ask if there is another patient he or she could refer to me."

After this conversation, the FA told me, “ I was surprised. It just reminded me that every professional relies on referrals and I need to make it a systematic part of my practice."

Sometimes FA's are embarrassed to ask for for an introduction. You need to take the attitude that you have something of value to offer. You need to be proud of the work you do - after all there is nothing more important that helping a family plan for the future and retirement. The more often you ask you will get more and more confident.

At Supernova, we help our advisors make introductions a centerpiece of their client acquisition strategy.  From nurturing Centers of Influence to regular conversations with clients, referral conversations become a rituals…they are not an accident. You should ask your clients for an introduction to "someone like them who could benefit from the same level of service as you give them."


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