How to Turn Client Service into a Dividend Paying Strategy

During our coaching program, we ask our advisors to introduce the Supernova service model to their top clients.  This simple conversation re-establishes priorities and lets these clients know how important they are to their advisors’ businesses.

It also pays big dividends!

One advisor recently told us:  One thing I can take away so far is that I can articulate our service model, and what we’re going to do for someone. We've never had that in the past. It means more than talking with someone about how you’re going to invest, and how you’re different. When you tell someone specifically what you’re going to do for them, the results are strong. People really listen to it.

Clients love it!

They appreciate being appreciated.  And they understand more clearly than ever what they can expect from you.  This brings in new assets and makes referrals even easier.

Here’s another example from an advisor who was introducing the Supernova process to her clients while updating their financial plan:

We had a meeting in our office with a very important COI who we have worked with for 10 plus years.  He is a personal client of ours as well and is in a transition period where he has sold his practice and will be retiring in the next year to year and a half.  We did a full blown financial plan for him and his wife; they were both in the office for that meeting.  It went very well and we identified another $500k that he had on the outside (very small accounts that he had set up with this FA and that FA to do favors) and we’ll be consolidating those here.  That was great asset gathering.

The very next day after the face to face meeting, he called us and gave us a $2 Mil introduction to one of their friends. That was wonderful verification and made us feel great about all the hard work that we’ve been doing with the planning process and our structure.  We could tell from that vote of confidence that he was happy with what he had been through here personally and felt comfortable referring that size client to our team.

Do you have consistent and repeatable service standards?  Do your clients know exactly what they can expect from you?   Can they tell your story to others?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you understand the importance of delivering superior client service.  It pays big dividends.

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