Keep Your Calendar Full of Speaking Engagements

When you are doing a seminar or a presentation before any group, everyone in the audience will usually belong to another group who may also need a speaker. A little known secret to expanding your seminar presentations is to let this audience get your next audience. Here's the tip.

As you bring your presentation to a conclusion simply say:

“If you belong to another group or organization who would like a speaker to discuss investing, the markets or any aspect of financial management, our firm provides speakers for any educational presentation at no charge. I would be happy to speak to any group from 4 to 400 or more that you believe would benefit from a financial presentation. Here is my telephone contact and my e-mail contact. And if I can't be there another member of my team or another speaker from our firm will be pleased to speak to your group.

Just write me a note at the bottom of your evaluation sheet and I will be happy to follow up”

I guarantee that this will keep your calendar full of speaking presentations before groups of prospects that want to hear from you.

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