Should You Be Running A Concierge-styled Practice?

There are times when certain terminology sounds right and times when we know it isn’t for us.  As a coach, I am always looking for language that works.  My basic philosophy is “do what works.” I believe that Rob Knapp is right when he urges FA’s to use the term “concierge–sized practice.”

Business Week gave the cover spot to a story called, “Doctors You Can’t Afford.”  The article compared physicians who have a concierge-sized practice to those who do not.

Traditional primary care physicians have 3,281 patients and make an average of $160,000 annually.  Wow!  No wonder your doctor can’t keep your appointed time or call you back or explain your illness.  He or she is overwhelmed with patients. Business Week reported that a concierge-sized practice has only 400 patients and physicians make an average of up to $300, 000.

What is the reason more and more physicians are going this route?

The number one reason is….drum roll please...“Proponents of concierge medicine insist that more time with each patient allows them to provide holistic care that can prevent more serious problems later.”  It is a patient-centered concern.  But, notice, ‘fewer patients’ still means more revenue.  Sounds like Supernova.

Think about your concierge practice.  When you limit the size of your book you provide customized, personalized, individual service and prevent more serious problems from happening later.  Serious problems come from failing to stay in touch with your clients.  Why are even your best clients sometimes ignored?  Because your practice is unmanageable!  Your very success at growing your practice can be your downfall if you create an unmanageable practice.

Supernova is a client-centered approach to practice management that produces benefits for all your clients.  You intentionally limit the number of clients you choose to serve.  You can say with confidence…

“I have a concierge-sized practice with a planning-based investment process, a rapid response for any problems or concerns with a 24-hour resolution and an unparalleled service model called 12-4-2.”

The benefits for everyone are too great to ignore.

Utilizing the Supernova brand is a super way to make 2013 your best year ever.  If you need some help, join our member-only website or sign-up for one of our coaching programs.

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