Three Tips for Better Telephone Conversations

We conduct so much of our business on the telephone that our telephone technique must be continually reviewed and our etiquette double-checked. Here are 3 quick tips for all your team.

  1. Talk slowly—Too many of us rush our speech when on the phone.  When you speak more slowly, the conversation takes on a new sense of importance and you are much more easily understood.
  2. Smile—Did you know you can hear a smile?  It is true.  Your voice will take on a softer and more pleasing resonance when you smile. It is a simple technique to enhance your voice and conversation.
  3. Sign off well—Never end a conversation with a client with the dreaded phrase ”No problem!”  Why should anything you do for a client ever be referred to in any way as a problem?  Did the client give you a problem by calling or speaking to you?  No.  The problems come when you do not speak to your clients.

Simply paying attention to the ways we communicate can make a big difference in your clients’ perception of you and your team

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