How Do You Become a Center of influence?

How do you label someone a Center of Influence? Someone once said, "Everyone has an effect on everyone else, of that there is no doubt. Some light up a room just by coming in, and others, by going out."

In order to attract COI's that will give you business you must first become one. To qualify for that role you must have a stellar reputation, high character and credibility. These qualities will ensure clients and prospective clients will take your advice on financial planning seriously. You can begin to establish yourself as a COI by posting articles on Linked In, conducting seminars, discussing important matters with clients, prospects and the general community. Use these forums to express your opinion, values and thought processes.

It is never enough just to understand the markets or to be capable of explaining an investment.  Influencing others depends on your character. Your character is what makes you credible and that credibility will build your reputation. It comes from how you treat others, your track record as well as your success record A person of influence builds a reputation by the small actions they make every day that demonstrate to everyone around that  "I am a person of character."




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