Are you giving your clients this level of service?

I spoke to an advisor recently that told me an interesting story. Just before Kent graduated from college he and his future wife went to the opening of a brand new department store. His fiancee was looking for a gift. She was the kind of person who loved to wrap gifts herself giving each one a personal touch that reflected her affection for the recipient. 

She had found it was a challenge to get a box in most stores. Usually you had to go to a third floor office that was removed from the shopping area and was a hassle to get to. But not at Nordstrom! When they walked in the new store they were surprised to find box stations on every floor. And the sales personnel were more than happy to take the purchase to the station to have it boxed up.They even offered to wrap it for her.  

Nordstrom's brand is quality. It's not surprising they are one of the few department stores left standing. Their return policy is superior to anyone else and their personnel are knowledgable and cheerful.

But that's not the end of the story. 

Kent was so impressed with the service he got at Nordstrom he vowed to always give his clients that same kind of first class service.  He has been an advisor for 29 years. He has worked with numerous coaches over the years but until he took a Supernova class he had not found a system that imposed the kind of proactive client service Supernova teaches. Like a lot of advisors, he has found the program gives him a tactical methodology for growing his practice while serving his clients. "I think Supernova is a great system and I am enthusiastic about implementing it into my practice." 

How about you? If you have any success stories we would love to hear them!

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Rob Knapp

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