Five Star Model: VP of Marketing

The Supernova Leadership Five Star Model equips a team to be more efficient and grow at an accelerated rate through accountability of their actions. The Supernova process assigns certain responsibilities to team members by making them "Vice Presidents" of an area and then holds them responsible for specific actions related to that area. Separation of duties increases the expertise of either of the VP's. Specialization increases productivity, focus and creativity.  

This week we will review the role of the VP of Marketing. This person is responsible for overseeing the acquisition strategy of the team, 90/6/4/2/2/1 + VIPSA.

  • 90 Prospects
  • 6 Centers of Influence
  • 4 member Mastermind Group
  • 2 Niches
  • 2 Community Boards
  • 1 Social Media Strategy 
  • VIPSA (asking for referrals)

Many of the teams we work with have "gaps" in their marketing plan. The VP of Marketing can ask the team to do a gap analysis to understand the team's competence and execution of their acquisition strategy. That will give the VP a base to develop a robust model.

On a granular level we ask Supernova teams to identify real prospects they have a chance of closing. Look at the percent of prospects that convert to clients. If that number is low your prospect pipeline may not be realistic and needs to be fine-tuned.Has each FA on the team identified 6 business people (CPA, Attorney, Doctor, Insurance or Real Estate Broker, etc.) whom they can exchange referrals with. Are you meeting with each of them on a regular basis?  COIs are a vital part of acquisition. Do you have a web page? How is your team involved in the community? These are all areas the VP of Marketing will handle.

The VP sets standards, strategies and goals for the team and then follows up on the set guidelines. Here is an example:

Standard: All team members are fully engaged and have ritualized the agreed upon acquisition strategies.
Strategy: The team implements the seven Supernova acquisition pieces: 90 prospects, 6 Centers of Influence, 4 member Mastermind Group, 2 Niches, 2 Community Boards, 1 social media strategy and VIPSA.
Goal: Every Team member has executed the seven strategies 100%.
Follow Up: VP measures the success of the team's plan through the Gameboard. This ensures you are getting the results you want. 

There are a lot of advantages of having your team members take responsibility for different areas of your business. If you are a sole practitioner you and your administrative staff will be responsible for the VP roles.

Take advantage of all the resources in the Advanced Learning Library to help you create your leadership model. Use the forum to ask your questions. Work with a Supernova coach to get even more help.

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