Folders Help FAs Meet Compliance Standards

If you do not use the red client folders that are a key part of Supernova organizational system, you could wind up being very blue.

The red folder is the one Supernova advisors give to their clients when they introduce their new service model. These folders are also given to prospects that agree to a 90-day free look.  The goal is for the client (or prospect) to bring this folder to every call or meeting; it keeps them more fully engaged in the 12-4-2 cycle.  They are more prepared for your monthly conversations.

The folder should be customized to fit your business style.  It contains things like a working agenda, a summary of the financial plan, progress toward goals, a summary statement or any other reports that will aid your conversations.  Most importantly, the folder should ALWAYS include blank paper for the client to write notes during the phone appointment or the personal portfolio review.  And they should use those blank pages to formulate questions or jot down notes between your monthly meetings.

That’s right; the key to the client folder is the blank paper!  Why?  Because you want your clients to take notes, write down details and keep them for future reference.  You want them to be better prepared for each of your monthly conversations.  A more fully engaged client is more enjoyable to work with as well as more loyal.

What if a client doesn’t bring the folder or write down notes?  Doesn’t matter…you should write your notes and send a summary to the client.  For some clients the use of the red folder takes a little extra training or prodding.  But it’s well worth the effort.

The value of this small exercise is not just that you are serious about your commitment to service. It is that you are building a compliance wall around your practice.  A compliance wall is another positive result of having a Supernova practice: concierge-sized, planning based, quick resolution of problems, unparalleled service and wall of compliance around your practice…all good stuff.

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