What percent of your clients have a financial plan?

As part of their branding, Supernova Advisors can tell their clients they have "a multigenerational, planning driven, investment process.”  And they deliver on this planning; it's central to their client service model.

100 percent of a Supernova Advisor's clients have a plan.  In many cases, these plans help drive a significant part of the advisor's growth.

Think about it...

Financial planning is the basis of solid recommendations designed to meet the long-term goals of your clients.

Planning uncovers new opportunities.

Plus, the advisor who controls the plan controls the entire client relationship.  Other advisors can only play bit parts.

USA TODAY recently reported that only 31% of Americans have put together a financial plan.  The survey found people who have a financial plan feel more confident about their financial future and report more success in managing money, saving and investing.

That's more success working with you!

A financial plan ought to be a living document. It should never be sitting on a shelf as a display item. For both the financial advisor and the client, the financial plan is the roadmap to financial security.

It is one thing to complete a financial plan and quite another to make sure it is fully implemented. Supernova Advisors recognize the value of financial planning and implement plans on behalf of their clients.

As a financial advisor, you are not simply creating documents or selling plans. You are offering financial guidance and education.  You are offering to create an investment portfolio based on careful guidance and understanding of the client's risk tolerance as well as their investment goals.

That is a key ingredient  to your Supernova brand.

Supernova can help you grow your business while taking even better care of your clients.  Join the Supernova Advisor Community today and we will show you how to implement ideas like these in your practice.

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