Do You Have A GPS For Your Practice?

Roadmaps and directions from a supposedly knowledgeable individual are not quite as helpful as having ready access to a GPS system.

But do you have a GPS system for your practice?

Without a GPS system you can find yourself in places you do not want to be, opening accounts you do not really want with individuals and other types of accounts that will not take you where you want to go. Too many practices operate without a GPS and as a result, the practice becomes unmanageable, misdirected, and fails to give the kind of client service and satisfaction that every team wants to deliver..

The very first goal in every Supernova training program is to help you find, identify, and focus on your destination for your practice and remove every thing that gets in the way; all the detours, misdirection, and false calculations that lead only to future difficulty.

At Supernova, we help every team, every advisor, create a Concierge Practice that is very clear and straightforward, with a GPS that provides consistent and reliable direction.

We call it segmentation but it is not what you believe it is.

I recently read an article where segmentation meant dividing your book up by type of account, type of client, assets, and other uninformed ways of organizing your business. That is not segmentation and certainly not how Supernova works in your practice.

Here are the five Supernova steps for finding your way and putting your own GPS in place.

  1. Decide who your target market is going to by choosing 3 niches
  2. Decide the minimum size account you will open and serve
  3. Reassign everyone else from your book by placing them with another FA, team or client service area in your firm
  4. Prospect, reach out to, hold seminars for, develop centers of influence-- for only these accounts
  5. Make it clear to your team, your sales management, your current clients and your prospects that you open only the kind of accounts that you can serve best, that becomes your Gold Practice Standard, your GPS.

Don't be misled by simple strategies that promise to take you where you want to go. Putting your GPS in place is the best way to find the kind of success that other FA's Discover when they implement supernova in their practice.

Success doesn't come easy. If it did everyone around you would be successful. No one ever came into our business believing they wanted to be average. Supernova can help you find the right GPS for your practice and the financial and personal rewards that follow

It is truly amazing that by reducing the size of your book you will grow your production. That is, if you have the discipline to find and follow your own GPS.

There are a number of resources on our supernova website, including webinars, comments and white papers to help you put a GPS to work in your practice.

It sounds simple but it takes a lot of work. Contact us for coaching - we can help  you and your team to be successful in defining and following your Gold Practice Standard, your Supernova GPS.

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