Highly Organized Teams Can Excel at Client Service

Client service is more efficient and consistent when you have your entire team dedicated to the task. As you go through your roster of clients at the weekly team meeting take a minute to do a deeper dive. Pick a few clients each week to discuss their goals, problems and overall financial needs and concerns so the entire team is invested in the success of that client. I have a doctor that sits down with his entire staff every Monday just to give updates on patients. When a patient walks through their door everyone, from the book keeper, receptionist nurses and PAs knows what the status is of that patient. They even take a picture of each patient and put it in their folder so they are easily identified.

"Teams have a leg up on sole practitioners because of the perceived value that the client is getting more than one person serving their needs."

Another example is having all the FAs on the team meet with a client at least twice a year during their in-person meeting. Each member of the team can take a different role such as presenting the financial climate, the client's risk measurement, progress with their plan and so forth. Perhaps one team member specialized in retirement planning and can address that topic. By showing your clients that there are multiple people working on their situation resonates with client.

However, if one team member has a better connection with a client and the other team member is better at planning/investing let the client know you are working together in their behalf.

If teams have some kind of diversity you can also play to that strength by attracting like-minded clients. For example, if your team has both male and female FAs, multi-cultural FAs (Hispanic, Asian, Indian, African American, etc.)  they will have different strengths and approaches to issues. This will allow the team to prospect clients they may not have had access to otherwise. It is very important to communicate in the language of the client which adds to the WOW client experience.

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