The Worst Salesman in the World

By Rob Knapp, President, Supernova Consulting Group

We all want change, except when it comes to us changing. This past Presidential election was all about wanting change. We are all very excited to "drain the swamp" because we love the idea of creating change for others. Let's drain their swamp, not ours. We all know the world is changing faster than ever, and when it effects us, we often don't like it, even when we see the benefits. It has become common knowledge that obesity is epidemic and detrimental to the health of millions of Americans.

So why, with so much education, advertising, media support, do so many Americans ignore the need to take action? I think the answer is we don't like to change our rituals. We like things the way they are. This doesn't just apply to "fat people", this applies to all people.

In 1753 Dr, Lind of the Royal Navy Medical Corp wrote a paper convinced that scurvy could be cured by eating a diet that included lemons and oranges. Dr Lind's recommendation was largely ignored and sailors continued to die until 1795 when it became a part of the Royal Navy's diet - 40 years later. Just because you have a breakthrough in science doesn't mean that people will accept it and act on it.

You need a Change Agent. Clearly Dr Lind wasn't much of a salesman. The question is "What kind of a salesman are you?" A true salesman is an agent of change. A Change Agent will not accept no for an answer. The good ones are on a mission and will see the mission completed. Are you making the effort to be that Agent of Change? Or are you comfortable that you have told enough people your story and if they want what you are offering, they know how to find you?

The enthusiastic, passionate Financial Advisor will not settle, but will tell his/her story to all that will listen.

How do you leverage that passion once you have it? By training your clients, Centers of Influence and your Mastermind Group, that you truly have something that will change people's lives for the better. That you will help those clients grow up and make better decisions. That you have the cure for scurvy. That you will protect them from the catastrophic poor decisions that can derail a comfortable future.

It is amazing how many very smart people have made what seem like crazy decisions in their lives that have permanently altered their lifestyle for the worse. Well educated, experienced financial services professionals that have lost everything at or shortly after retirement due to some very poor investment decisions.

You, as professionals, have to protect people from themselves at these critical times of their lives. Tell these stories and insist that all clients do a financial plan and then stick to it. You have to tell your story as hard as Dr Lind should have told his story. Be passionate, be enthusiastic and don't take no for an answer. I want to wish you a happy holiday to recharge and come back in 2017 with the conviction and dedication to do the best you can for your clients.

Let Excellence Be Your Minimum!

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