Topic for a Client Meeting: Exercise

People are always interested in improving their health. But there is so much misinformation out there it is hard to decipher what to do. One topic you can talk to your clients about during your 12/4/2 meetings is hiring a personal trainer – and then you can recommend the trainers your clients enthusiastically endorse.

You could even give your clients a gift of a free 1-month’s training with the trainer to get them started. Most trainers will give this to you free if you are sending them new clients. Your clients will perceive you as someone who really cares about their well-being. And can you imagine having several clients at the gym all talking about you and your great service to others who are there?

Studies show people who work out with a personal trainer are more likely to watch what they eat and exercise on a regular basis.  Working out with a personal trainer can help release stress, build muscle, control weight and lessen arthritis and osteoporosis. But most people need a nudge to get started. Do some research so you have your facts and then make this a topic to talk to with your clients. Imagine if we got the whole world working out – obesity would be a distant memory.

FYI: Make sure you are also working out for your health when you recommend this to clients or they will have a hard time believing your sincerity.

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