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The Five Star Model: VP of Planning

The Supernova Leadership Five Star Model equips a team to be more efficient and grow at an accelerated rate through accountability of their actions. The Supernova process assigns certain responsibilities to team members by making them “Vice Presidents” of an area and then holds them responsible for specific actions related to that area. Separation of duties increases the… Read more »

Why Expertise Is The Enemy Of Innovation

One of the tragedies of the financial services business is that we continue to duplicate our mistakes. Here are three mistakes made on the street that you can change right now. We know that the old-fashioned method of cold calling that worked in the 70s, 80s, and 90s is dead. And yet, many firms rely… Read more »

Survival Of The Adaptable

Recently the Supernova team attended a National Speakers Association conference in Tampa, Florida. The opening speaker was Stephen Shapiro. We were not only blown away by his presentation, but also blessed, encouraged and challenged to rethink much of what we are doing each day. A lot of his information translates perfectly to Supernova. Here is… Read more »