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Why Form a Team?

By Curtis Brown, Vice President, Supernova Coaching The age of the sole practitioner advisor is giving way to team-based advisors for many reasons. There are too many products and services for a sole practitioner to be an expert on all of them. The price compression in the industry requires gathering and managing larger numbers of… Read more »

American Greed and How to Prevent the Next Bernie Madoff

Ponzi Schemes have been around since man first exchanged money for services. There are hundreds of Ponzi Schemes going on as we speak. There are over 50 that are exposed each year, with over 150 exposed in the wake of the Great Recession. Some are pure scams, while others are somewhat market dependent.

What to Say to Clients that Overspend

We have all had to face this difficult situation with a client. You discover that they are clearly spending well beyond their budget. They have no apparent means of replenishing their principle, but they continue to spend in spite of your advice. What do you do? When I would visit an office in my District,… Read more »