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Gap Analysis Adds Structure to Your Team

The Gap Analysis is used as a tool to help you set goals for your team. It’s a simple way of building a business plan for your team. For Planning, for example, you would ask your team to rank the effectiveness of planning. The first question would be how are we doing in terms of… Read more »

Financial Advisor’s Folders for Clients and Prospects

Financial advisors should create a folder for each client or prospect that gives them a record of that client’s risk tolerance, enthusiastically endorsed professionals, introductions given and received, an agenda and other important information. We have put together a sample of what can go into the folder. To order a sample folder visit the Supernova… Read more »

Client and Prospect Folder Contents

Clients and prospects will appreciate your thoughtful attention to every detail. You will be adding value by giving them a folder they can use to reference their upcoming meetings, agenda, and other information about your team. Click on the link below to access the downloadable file. We recommend using a medical folder that you can… Read more »