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What Is The Supernova Folder System?

Advisors who use the folder system give testimonials to its’ effectiveness: “When [Joanne] comes it and drops the 3 folders on my desk for my appointments for the day I know I have to make those calls because she is going to come back and get them at the end of the day and give… Read more »

Supernova Folders Create Value for Your Clients

Every Supernova FA or team has a powerful tool to demonstrate value to clients, prospects and centers of influence.  It is the surprisingly simple Supernova folder system. No…not the folder system from the dawn of manila folders; the bulging and beat-up pale yellowish tan flimsy paper ones. Not those folded, creased, and bent out of… Read more »

A Client Contact Resource File can make your “Touch Base” Calls More Effective

The 12-4-2 client contact system includes eight “Touch Base” phone calls during the year. One of the questions we are frequently asked by the advisors we coach is, “What do you talk about?” Here’s one topic: In every city there is at least one newspaper that will have a financial section, a section on health,… Read more »