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Importance of Planning

Steve Long and Andy Reiss, Supernova There are five distinct principles of the Supernova process that every advisory team must embrace to be fully immersed in improving their business.  Those five principles of Segmentation, Organization, Acquisition, Planning and Leadership are all essential to improving the client experience and improving the overall success of the business…. Read more »

What to Say to Clients that Overspend

We have all had to face this difficult situation with a client. You discover that they are clearly spending well beyond their budget. They have no apparent means of replenishing their principle, but they continue to spend in spite of your advice. What do you do? When I would visit an office in my District,… Read more »

What keeps your client up at night?

Supernova advisors look for topics they can use for their monthly calls. MFS Heritage Planning has developed key areas that ‘keeps you up at night’ that you can ask your clients about to start a conversation. This tool, that you can share with your clients, uncovers and prioritizes their most pressing financial concerns, gets the… Read more »

What If Your Client Doesn’t Have A Plan?

Supernova is a planning based program to redefine the client experience.  12-4-2 is the model for exceptional client service.  Having a planning based investment process means that your practice will address client needs directly and as specifically as the plan finds them.  Plus, the plan means that you will have a guide for your client’s… Read more »