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What Is a Center of influence?

An authentic Supernova practice is never stagnant and is always growing. However, it needs to be controlled, intentional growth. One way to do that is through thoughtful introductions by professionals that know your practice, know you, and introduce you to qualified prospects. As I said in the Supernova Advisor, referrals (introductions) are generated through a… Read more »

Developing Your Center’s of Influence

Centers of Influence (COI’s) are defined as leaders in your community that are willing to give you introductions in exchange for the introductions you give them. Your Centers of Influence will deliver many of your best prospects and clients to you because they like you, trust you, respect your professionalism. How do you cultivate those… Read more »

Describing Your Value

By Rob Knapp Whenever I interview a prospective coaching client, I first ask them to describe their practice to me as if I was a potential client. Most people stumble around because they don’t have a clear understanding of what they are offering beyond their investment advice. I was working with several strong advisors from… Read more »

How to Turn Client Service into a Dividend Paying Strategy

During our coaching program, we ask our advisors to introduce the Supernova service model to their top clients.  This simple conversation re-establishes priorities and lets these clients know how important they are to their advisors’ businesses. It also pays big dividends! One advisor recently told us:  One thing I can take away so far is… Read more »