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A Process for Perpetual Growth

In this Zoom webinar Rob Knapp introduces John Cunningham, Cunningham Financial Group, Louisville, Kentucky who has used the Supernova process to achieve ongoing growth in spite of Covid, a recession and other barriers. John discusses his methodology for attracting new clients and keeping them, team building and transition planning for his retirement.

Supernova Folders Create Value for Your Clients

The problem in financial services is that we have continually demonstrated the wrong thing.  We have shown performance charts, mountain charts, diversification presentations, sales literature, and fancy brochures but they are not demonstrations, they are all selling tools and at times, not to be trusted, hence, for internal use only. So what do you demonstrate? … Read more »

The 90-6-4-2-2-1 Process

Supernova’s acquisition strategy encompasses seven elements that will make your business grow and flourish in any market. In the following stages you will study and implement these techniques into your practice. The first element is the 90-day free look. Supernova originally suggested you have a 90-prospect pipeline which is a good idea, but for some… Read more »

Niche Mastermind Groups

How was this term Niche Mastermind created?   Let me tell you a story: I was coaching an FA that wanted to know more about setting up a Mastermind group.  After we finished he went to his CPA to say he was setting up a Mastermind Group, and ask if he’d like to join. The CPA said, “I don’t want to join… Read more »

What Are Your Niches?

In coaching we always ask the question, ‘what are your niches?’.  An FA might say, business men or retirees.  But that isn’t specific enough! A niche is a highly specialized group of people working in the same industry, career, interest or commonality. Narrow that down even more. If you said ‘Doctors’ define what specialty, if… Read more »

Mastermind Groups Overview

The term ‘Mastermind Group’ was first coined by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich. It refers to a group of four peers who meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas and contacts with the purpose of helping each other be successful through everyone’s unique perspective, knowledge and diverse experiences and contacts…. Read more »