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Do you offer your clients exclusivity?

Next to their family and their health, a client’s wealth is probably one of the most important thing in their lives.  How often have you run into a client procrastinating about setting up wills, updating their life insurance, reviewing mortgage rates or even meeting with you? Sound too familiar? We all want clients who respect what we… Read more »

But I can’t give that client away…

“Without segmentation, there is no Supernova. . . . Segmentation of an unmanageable client load is not a best practice worth observing and adapting. It is an absolute. There is no other way to implement Supernova – no other way to succeed unless you can deliver exceptional service and then transform you client’s inevitable satisfaction… Read more »

Do you make it easy for your clients to give you referrals?

During a consultation with a corporate client, I had the opportunity to lead a study group of five highly successful sales managers. We shared a number of ideas for helping advisors grow their practices. Gathering meaningful referrals was a frequent topic of conversation. One of the best observations of our half-day session related to the… Read more »

Focus On The Client

It is gratifying when others reinforce your work. Maya Ivanova explains in Investment Advisor Magazine that the best RIA/FA Firms (Teams) have several things in common — in a study of all RIAs, her firm Rydex AdvisorBenchmarking concluded that the top 26 were rather unique in the difficult year of 2008: They grew their practices by… Read more »

Leveraging A Team

You have heard it before: “form a team — it will help your business” and “teams make more money.” Bull! Unorganized, poorly managed teams can hurt productivity and your bottom line. Most FA’s take a productivity hit when they form a team and really never get the leverage from the team that they anticipated. Granted most… Read more »