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Reflective Accountability With The Gameboard

Reflective accountability is a term you may not have heard before. We were looking for a way to describe the personal experience of having a gameboard within a Supernova practice. Accountability arrives preloaded with meaning: responsibility, maturity, integrity and so on. Reflection is how accountability grows, collectively and individually. No one can force a person… Read more »

Rolls and Responsibilities on a Supernova Team

I was recently asked to create a list of the roles and responsibilities for the primary members of a Supernova team.  Here’s a quick way to break them down: Practice Manager’s Rolls and Responsibilities Create and update Gameboard Team Meetings-Schedule at the direction of the VP of Leadership daily, weekly, monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, and annual team meetings… Read more »

Leadership and the Five Star Model

Leadership is absolutely critical to creating a perpetual growth machine. One of the key components of leadership in the Supernova program is making a senior member of your team responsible for one of the 5 key areas (known as the Five Star model) of your practice. Those five areas are: Affects the client: 1. Planning… Read more »

Leveraging A Team

You have heard it before: “form a team — it will help your business” and “teams make more money.” Bull! Unorganized, poorly managed teams can hurt productivity and your bottom line. Most FA’s take a productivity hit when they form a team and really never get the leverage from the team that they anticipated. Granted most… Read more »