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Describing Your Value

By Rob Knapp Whenever I interview a prospective coaching client, I first ask them to describe their practice to me as if I was a potential client. Most people stumble around because they don’t have a clear understanding of what they are offering beyond their investment advice. I was working with several strong advisors from… Read more »

But I can’t give that client away…

“The Supernova Advisor” by Rob Knapp emphasizes the importance of segmentation in financial advisory practices. Without segmentation, you can’t have a concierge practice.  Segmentation of an unmanageable client load is not just a best practice to be observed and adapted, but an absolute necessity. It is the only way to implement Supernova successfully and to… Read more »

Research Shows Three Reasons Clients Fire Their FA

FA Magazine ( had a great article on why FAs think they are fired by clients.  The article was driven by a survey of 1,375 advisors.  The advisors were asked to select the top three reasons that clients fire advisors.  The top three answers: Failure to communicate on a timely basis was in the top… Read more »

How a COI Describes your Service Model

I was recently talking with a very good Financial Advisor.  I asked him what he asked COIs (Centers of Influence) to say to potential clients.  He gave me two answers: 1.  Could I give you a second opinion on your portfolio? 2.  Are you happy with your present advisor? I don’t believe either of these… Read more »