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How do you close an in person client meeting?

Many advisors have developed a stronger connection to their clients with this simple step. After you make a great presentation but you sense the client may be holding something back.  Your client may not speak up about something that is bothering them or they are uncomfortable speaking about personal concerns in the office.  Try walking… Read more »

Five Steps for Success with Your COIs

Supernova is a brand that you can market to your Centers of Influence (COIs). When they refer you to a prospect you can guarantee the level of service you will give to that referral.  During this audio presentation, listen to Rob Knapp and Rob Brown expand on the steps. Here’s a brief overview of the main… Read more »

The Supernova Leader: Developing an Effective Marketing Plan

Developing an Effective Marketing Plan for your Companies (How to do it not just what to do) 1. Identify your top 25 companies both public and private in your target market 2. Cross reference the names against FA’s in your office i.e. corporate accounts, CEO’s, CFO’s 3. Identify investment banking relationships and match up to… Read more »

Do you properly value your service?

Having the confidence that you add real value to client relationships enables you to charge more for your services – a fair price that truly represents your efforts. The Supernova process gives you that confidence because you, as an advisor, know that you provide an unparalleled client experience, especially when you follow our 12/4/2 model… Read more »

Making Your Brand Stand Out

According to the BrandZ Top 100, the top brand in the world is Apple. That is no accident. Even the name and the symbol were designed to build a brand. It was not always successful but the brand stood for innovation, creativity and cool. Although Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola had products in the marketplace far… Read more »