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Two Simple Strategies for Building Niche Markets

The Supernova acquisition model calls for building two niche markets.  Listen to Rob Brown and Rob Knapp discuss the critical steps for getting it done. Here’s a summary of the key points we cover during our conversation: Niche marketing is one of the major tools I find many financial advisors do not take advantage of. … Read more »

Why should I do business with you?

You walk into a meeting with a prospect.  You are excited because you know this person is unhappy with his present advisor.  You have your pitch book complete with both pie charts and bar charts.  You know how you are going to start the conversation.  In short, you are excited and prepared. You sit down… Read more »

Helping High Net Worth Clients with their Philanthropy

Financial advisors should always be looking for opportunities to help their clients in terms of saving them money. You not only deepen your relationship with your clients you provide another reason for them to see your value and referability. This time of year many individuals and families are in a philanthropic mode. How do wealthy… Read more »

Five Steps To Expanding A Niche

A niche is a group of clients who have a common profession or common interest.  Common professions are business owners and medical professionals.  We have coached FAs who have a niche in “people who enjoy photography” and another who had a niche with deep water fisherman or baseball. When like to spend time with our… Read more »

How to Turn Client Service into a Dividend Paying Strategy

During our coaching program, we ask our advisors to introduce the Supernova Service Standards to their top clients.  This simple conversation re-establishes priorities and lets these clients know how important they are to their advisors’ businesses. It also pays big dividends! One advisor recently told us:  One thing I can take away so far is… Read more »

Creating Your Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is a terrific opportunity for you to build long term relationships with leaders in your community.  During this audio presentation listen to Rob Knapp and Rob Brown expand on the topic. Here is a brief overview of the main points we cover in this recording: A Mastermind group is a tool you… Read more »