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Bring The Excitement Back

What is your Purpose in life? Big question! Can you answer consistently without blushing? Not only should you be be able to, you should have a purpose statement. Why, you ask? Because just like for the papers you wrote in college or business school, it defines who you are, or more accurately, expresses what you… Read more »

How Do You Free Up Time For Acquisition?

Recently a Midwest Supernova team was frustrated by their lack of growth. They hired a local coach to analyse their practice. After a thorough investigation, the coach determined that they were just not spending enough time in the acquisition stage. The team was not devoting enough time to marketing and sales. The consultant told the… Read more »

Leveraging A Team

You have heard it before: “form a team — it will help your business” and “teams make more money.” Bull! Unorganized, poorly managed teams can hurt productivity and your bottom line. Most FA’s take a productivity hit when they form a team and really never get the leverage from the team that they anticipated. Granted most… Read more »

How Prepared Are You?

In this environment who would ever be willing to give away accounts in order to participate in Supernova? Only those that are willing to grow. You see, growth is a choice. We call it choosing growth over fear. Playing to win versus playing not to lose. “Playing to win” is defined as going as far as… Read more »

High-Quality Service = Loyal Clients

Can high-quality service go hand in hand with retail sales holiday sales? The answer is yes. In the right stores, and you’ll pay for it. Just go shopping at Nordstom vs Costco vs. Walmart. Now, compare that experience in retail to your experience in Financial Services. Full service vs. discount vs. no service. What is… Read more »