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What Is a Center of influence?

An authentic Supernova practice is never stagnant and is always growing. However, it needs to be controlled, intentional growth. One way to do that is through thoughtful introductions by professionals that know your practice, know you, and introduce you to qualified prospects. As I said in the Supernova Advisor, referrals (introductions) are generated through a… Read more »

Do You Offer Your Clients Exclusivity?

By Rob Knapp How often have you run into a client procrastinating about setting up wills, updating their life insurance, reviewing mortgage rates or even meeting with you? Next to their family and their health, a client’s wealth is probably one of the most important thing in their lives.  However they don’t always treat it… Read more »

Developing Your Center’s of Influence

Centers of Influence (COI’s) are defined as leaders in your community that are willing to give you introductions in exchange for the introductions you give them. Your Centers of Influence will deliver many of your best prospects and clients to you because they like you, trust you, respect your professionalism. How do you cultivate those… Read more »

What If Clients Push Back On Meeting Once A Month?

The 12-4-2 model of monthly client meetings with quarterly reviews and of those four reviews two in-person, is part of the Supernova Standard. Advisors are sometimes concerned that their clients won’t want to meet once a month. A client might push back because he/she thinks this is going to be a sales call. Or they… Read more »

Corporate Athlete: How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Find out how many hours of sleep you and your loved ones really need!  Refresh yourself on the basics behind sleep! It’s not just the number of hours in bed that is important—it’s the quality of those hours of sleep. If you’re giving yourself plenty of time for sleep, but you’re still having trouble waking… Read more »