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ideal day

Watch these videos for more information on Segmentation: 100 Clients  11 Screens/ Min/Max Explained 12/4/2 Developing Strategies For Growth Differentiate Yourself In The Marketplace Ideal Clients Giving Your Clients Rapid Response

Supernova Segmentation Scripts

Download these materials on the download tab or by clicking on them below Script for clients to explain to their old advisor they are leaving Script for clients you are retaining Script for clients you are reassigning Sample letter introducing Supernova to clients Sample letter introducing Supernova to prospects Sample client survey Prospect/New Client Presentation

Building Relationships – Last Word

As you read these articles and start your segmentation process think about how you define your brand.  Are you introducing your new model to clients? Have you used the 80/20 rule to segment those clients that don’t meet your minimum?  Can you clearly state your brand to clients, prospects and center’s of influence? Your reputation… Read more »