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Advisor Communication and Empathy in TImes of Crises

By Curtis C. Brown, Jr. Consultant Supernova Consulting How are you communicating with your clients and prospects during the Covid-19 crisis and the recent market volatility? First, let’s frame the environment that people are experiencing. They are receiving many conflicting messages and don’t quite know who to believe. This creates an atmosphere of fear and anxiety…. Read more »

Innovation is the Key to Success

“Leaders of organizations often use the expression, ‘Think outside the box’ when urging their employees to innovate. The belief that eliminating constraints and allowing people to think freely will increase creativity. Instead of telling employees to think outside the box give them a ‘better box’ to innovate inside of.  These constraints will actually increase creativity… Read more »

Stop Phone Tag

Do you have to call a client or prospect two to three or even more times before you connect with them?  Phone tag is one of those insidious time wasters most people accept as part of doing business.  But you don’t have to! When you apply a systematic approach to communicating with your clients and… Read more »

Folder Summary

Wondering what you should put in your folders?  The Supernova Folder system lists detailed pages on what to put in your Client, Prospect, COI, Mastermind Group and other categories. Download by clicking on the link:  FA Folder Contents 2020

24-Month Calendar Topics for Client 12-4-2 Meetings

The 24 month calendar is a suggested list of topics FAs can use for their monthly client meetings. In Supernova the Director of Implementation is in charge of the 24-month calendar. He/she coordinates a topic for each month. Preparation includes training the team the month before the topic. The 24-month calendar and call planning process… Read more »

Client/Prospect Powerpoint Presentation

Do you need a visual to discuss your new service model? This powerpoint is ready for you to add your own information for any presentation to clients, Center’s of Influence or prospective clients. Click on the link to download this powerpoint presentation:   Client or prospect presentation