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How Does Limiting The Number Of Clients You Have Help You With Referrals?

How do you first create value when you are asking for referrals?  One way is to make clients more familiar with your message. Explaining to a client that you give first class service to only 100 clients with 12 yearly appointments (once a month) 4 of those being quarterly reviews and 2 of those quarterly… Read more »

Help Parents Lay A Strong Foundation

Contributed by our partner American Century A great way to strengthen client relationships is to tap into what’s important to the individuals behind the portfolios. For many of your clients who are parents, the ability to teach their children to handle finances is likely a highly valued parenting skill. With Yes, You Can financial education resources… Read more »

Developing Your Center’s of Influence

Centers of Influence (COI’s) are defined as leaders in your community that are willing to give you referrals in exchange for the referrals you give them. Your Centers of Influence will help to deliver many of your best prospects and clients to you because they like you, trust you, respect your professionalism and want to… Read more »

Are Your Clients Truly Prepared For The Future?

During the last quarter of 2012 I had to navigate around the hospital/Medicare system with an aging parent who had a stroke.  My parents are college-educated, intelligent, savvy people who had always assured my siblings and me that they had everything under control.  Well, it turns out they didn’t.  And the one person who has… Read more »