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Research Shows Three Reasons Clients Fire Their FA

FA Magazine ( had a great article on why FAs think they are fired by clients.  The article was driven by a survey of 1,375 advisors.  The advisors were asked to select the top three reasons that clients fire advisors.  The top three answers: Failure to communicate on a timely basis was in the top… Read more »

Acquisition Multimedia

Watch these videos for more on acquisition techniques  Acquisition Acquisition Built On Your Brand Best of the Supernova coaches Developing Strategies For Growth: Wiley Wealth Management Team How to Develop an Excellent Brand Maintaining Networks Social Media Total Supernova Implementation

How a COI Describes your Service Model

I was recently talking with a very good Financial Advisor.  I asked him what he asked COIs (Centers of Influence) to say to potential clients.  He gave me two answers: 1.  Could I give you a second opinion on your portfolio? 2.  Are you happy with your present advisor? I don’t believe either of these… Read more »

Can Your Clients Describe Your Service Model?

I was at a wedding last weekend and all the talk was about the economy and what people were doing to avoid the ‘big correction’ the media was predicting was coming this year. Except for one person. This woman listened to the other guests discuss taking their money out of the market, trying, most of… Read more »

I Hate Asking For Referrals

I hear it all the time.  “I hate asking for referrals”.  While I understand the comment I think the real issue is that FAs hate how they feel when they ask for referrals.  The basic feeling that most FAs have is fear.  The definition of fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that… Read more »

It’s Not Where You Work, It’s What You Do

“I had a discussion with an advisor last week about how to introduce himself to prospects. He would get introduced to someone and they would ask what he did. He would say, “I work at (and name his firm).” Why is that the wrong answer? It’s not about where you work, it’s about what you… Read more »