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Five Steps to Turning Prospects into Clients

Does your client acquisition strategy need some legs? Are you lacking a consistent process to bring in new clients? Many advisors are very good at creating the networks in order to generate new business but they may lack consistent strategies necessary to bring prospects across the finish line to becoming a client.  One of the most important tenents… Read more »

Every Client Deserves to be in Someone’s “A” Book

Supernova has three primary goals: Increase the focus on the practice. Bring balance to the FAs/CSAs life. Significantly grow the practice. In order to accomplish those goals, the FA must segment their practice.  What that means is they have to reduce the number of clients.  When an FA segments, everyone wins. The clients who are… Read more »

How To Leverage Community Involvement

Supernova recommends FAs serve on two community or non-profit boards. This can be your alma mater, a medical-based, social services, political, arts, church or sports focused group. Besides the personal reward you will get for your efforts, your “giving back” demonstrates your character and philanthrophic and leadership qualities. You can join an organization that is… Read more »

Research Shows Three Reasons Clients Fire Their FA

FA Magazine ( had a great article on why FAs think they are fired by clients.  The article was driven by a survey of 1,375 advisors.  The advisors were asked to select the top three reasons that clients fire advisors.  The top three answers: Failure to communicate on a timely basis was in the top… Read more »